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Withdrawing PHP training

Given our current workload (which shows no sign of diminishing) combined with the fact that our focus has moved towards “Web and Mobile Application Development” (PHP, iOS and Android) — away from “Web Development and PHP Training” — we have decided to withdraw the PHP training courses we offer. As a small company there are […]


The Circuit Breaker Design Pattern

This post is based upon some content within our PHP OO training course (which covers design patterns). The circuit breaker design pattern is a fairly simple, and handy approach to dealing with remote services which may be offline. To explain the pattern, here’s a semi-true story – So, imagine the front page of a website […]

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Insecure PHP Code?

Recently on the PHP NorthWest mailing list, there has been some discussion over the causes of security vulnerabilities within PHP applications. The original poster provided a questionnaire – however, this didn’t really allow for much in the way of a detailed answer, so here’s our 2 pence. As a caveat: there are obviously other causes…. […]

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