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PHPUnit testing – mock and double objects

When writing unit tests, it’s often desirable to ‘mimick’ a backend call to web service or database (without using the real thing backend). Ideally you need this to be quick and easy to do. One way of doing this is to use mock or double objects. This article discusses their use with PHPUnit (a unit […]

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The Circuit Breaker Design Pattern

This post is based upon some content within our PHP OO training course (which covers design patterns). The circuit breaker design pattern is a fairly simple, and handy approach to dealing with remote services which may be offline. To explain the pattern, here’s a semi-true story – So, imagine the front page of a website […]

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Performance enhancements for a bespoke PHP ecommerce store

Introduction Not so long ago, a customer was using an bespoke online store for selling clothing. For 99% of the year, the site would perform perfectly (fast page loading times and so on) – however at the start of a sales promotion, the site would collapse due to a huge spike in requests from potential […]

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