Linux and PHP web application support and development (Bromsgrove, UK)

PHP Development and Consultancy

PHP Consultancy

We provide on-demand PHP consultancy and expertise for customers; this may consist of irregular “can you add this to our site?” requests to full time development with regular  progress reviews depending on the size of the project.

Examples of what we do are :

  • Auditing of existing systems to highlight weak areas such as security, performance or potential maintainability issues.
  • Assist in the software design of an application – suggesting tools and processes which can help development.
  • Provide development resource to cope with peaks in workload.
  • Suggest improvements for design, architecture, development techniques and practices.
  • Call on our training expertise to provide focussed assistance for fast, efficient problem solving and explanation.
  • Emergency help and backup — perhaps your in-house developer is on holiday and you need cover?

We can provide developer resources to track down and fix particular bugs, or solve urgent problems.

PHP Application Development

Primarily we write PHP code, and have done for the last eight years. This may be in isolation or working with an existing team.

Perhaps you have more work than you can currently handle, or perhaps you are looking for a PHP development company? In either case, we can assist you.

We normally take responsibility for the entire software design and deployment of a web application – obviously some customers will have in-house resources they wish to use (e.g. graphical design).

See some examples of our work

Zend Certified Engineers

All our developers are Zend Certified Engineers (PHP5). We have first hand experience developing and maintaining applications in a range of areas such as e-commerce (online shops), invoicing/quotation, reporting, data warehousing, bulk mailing and more.

Open Source Solutions

We use various Open Source tools and frameworks like Drupal (PHP), The Zend Framework (PHP) and will use other languages if we feel they are a better fit — for example Django (Python).

Open Source software ensures there are no long term license compliance issues, and provides you with the ability to change the software at will in the future.

Requirements Specification

We will generally require some form of requirements specification to start work on a project. This may be something we create alongside you, or something you provide. Depending on the project, it may range from a number of screen-shots to a 50 page listing of business rules.

Other Past Projects

Past projects range from migration of legacy thick client (e.g. MS Access) solutions to web based interfaces, maintenance and support of third party e-commerce applications (Magento and bespoke) to creation of a web crawling robot to help provide marketing statistics.

See some examples of our work.

We enjoy challenges and look forward to hearing about yours!