Linux and PHP web application support and development (Bromsgrove, UK)

What we do

Pale Purple create and maintain web based software (i.e. accessed through a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer).

In almost plain English, you might come to us if you’re looking for a website that is more than just a “brochure site” – examples of which might include :

  • An online shopping site
  • A bespoke business application
  • Some sort of directory of entities, perhaps with the ability to search
  • A Content Managed Website where you can easily login to create/add additional pages

(See examples of our work for some real examples of what we do)

It may be the case that you already have an application which has been written by someone else – or perhaps you just have a great idea for a new application – in either case we’re interested.

With whatever we develop, you will retain ownership and copyright to the source code.

From a technical point of view, web applications we develop are based around the industry standard LAMP software stack, which offers extreme flexibility in terms of hosting,  scalability and behaviour – and also has low running costs (royalty free). It is used by a number of leading websites (for example: Yahoo and Facebook).