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Stopping the deluge of email spam for qmail using SpamDyke

If you’re having spam trouble with qmail [edit – 2019; new fork, is offline] based Linux servers (in our customer’s case – Plesk based) then perhaps you need to look at using SpamDyke Installation is pretty easy – wget tar -zxf spamdyke-4.3.0 cd spamdyke-4.3.0/spamdyke ./configure make  && cp spamdyke /usr/local/bin Then, assuming qmail is […]

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Ansible – System configuration management and orchestration

With the increasing prevalence of virtual machines, cloud servers and so on, performing systems administration is becoming more time consuming (more servers = more work!). One approach at solving this has been through the use of system management tools like puppet, cfengine and chef. In our case, when we’ve looked at these in the past, […]

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Simple load checking shell script

Below is a simple shell script which can be used to control execution of tasks on a Linux system based on the systems current load value – with the intention that if the 5 minute load average is greater than a given value the script exits with an error return code (1) or completes without […]

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