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PHPUnit and PDO – max_user_connections reached

We have a set of PHPUnit tests running against a Propel/PDO application. Recently, with a recent increase in the number of tests, we’ve found that we’ve been hitting MySQL’s max_connections or max_user_connections limit (see /etc/mysql/my.cnf on the MySQL server).

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Full text searching with solr

TL;DR version Use Solr as a ‘search engine’ for applications. It is fast. A lot faster than MySQL (at least in one slightly-scientific study we’ve undertaken). Further details below….

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Improving site performance using asynchronous database writes and memcache in PHP

Web applications often have a requirement to log information about a request to a database. In a contrived example this could just be a global counter which attempts to amaze visitors to your site about how many requests you’ve handled in the last hour/day/week/month. One approach to doing this is to update a database each […]

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