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require.js – an introduction

When creating more complex web applications, you end up with more and more Javascript, which can quickly become difficult to maintain. RequireJS is one approach to helping solve this (and other issues).

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Improving website performance – 10 tips

While desktop users are generally getting faster and faster internet connections, it’s still the case that optimising a page’s generation and delivery can lead to a significantly better user experience. This is especially the case for mobile users – who are often on a relatively low speed and/or high latency connection. With this in mind,┬áhere […]

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Fight the bulge – page load time matters

One often overlooked, area ripe for improvement on websites is that of page weight – namely how much data needs to be downloaded by the web browser before the page is rendered. Most web pages will be constructed from a mixture of Javascript, Stylesheets (CSS), Images and HTML. A BBC news article states that the […]

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