Pale Purple

PHP web application development company (Birmingham, UK)

tel: 0845 0046746

About us

We are a team of experienced web application programmers based in Bromsgrove (West Midlands, UK).

Since 2005 we have helped businesses succeed on the Internet by developing and supporting web applications.

What our customers say

We’ve been using Pale Purple for over 5 years now. There’s a lot of benefits to be gained from building a close relationship with a small but very stable and capable team.- Paul Hiscoe,

PHP Web Application Development

We specialise in ‘back-end’ web application development using PHP (keywords: Zend Framework, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Linux, WordPress, LAMP).

We’ve worked on projects ranging from the very small (adding a simple contact form to a website), to multi-developer-year projects used by a number of large FTSE listed businesses.

Typically we find we’re :

  • creating and looking after bespoke web applications,
  • creating or supporting e-commerce websites,
  • customising content management systems (like WordPress, Concrete5 or Drupal),
  • adding functionality to internal web applications,
  • helping public facing websites scale or be secure.

Read more about what we do or see some examples of our work.

Other things we do

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