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PHP Web Application Development

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PHP Web Application Development

Founded in 2005, we primarily with small to medium sized organisations providing programming resource, expertise and technical support.

Our primary focus is towards the back-end side of web application development using technologies like PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery and Linux.

We’ve been using Pale Purple for over 5 years now. There’s a lot of benefits to be gained from building a close relationship with a small but very stable and capable team.- Paul Hiscoe,

PHP Development

We specialise in creating, enhancing or maintaining web applications – for example :

  • e-commerce websites,
  • content management systems,
  • internal web applications,
  • APIs for use by third party applications,
  • public facing web applications.

While every customer is unique, we typically find ourselves :

  • integrating with, or creating, web services (SOAP/REST APIs),
  • customising existing off the shelf software software – for example content management software such as WordPress or Concrete5,
  • adding new features to a bespoke application,
  • refactoring an existing application to improve responsiveness, security or scalability

Read more about what we do or see some examples of our work.

Mobile Application Development

Over the last three or so years, we’ve developed a range of mobile applications – for Android or iOS platforms – using either native technologies or HTML5 (PhoneGap).

Our applications tend to be data driven business applications (not games) and generally integrate with a centralised remote backend. For example :

  • retrieving food hygiene ratings for nearby premises
  • allowing engineers to retrieve and work on jobs displayed on a mobile device, with offline capability and integration with the platform (alerts, notifications, GPS, navigation and camera) or
  • bar code reader and generator

Our mobile app development page has more details and examples of what we’ve done.

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