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What we’ve been up to lately (September 2012)

We think we’ve been fairly busy lately, so here’s a summary covering some of the things we’ve been up to –

  1. Released Android and iPhone apps (Food Hygiene – for The Android release is now all native (so quite responsive and fast); both have new graphics and an improved method of searching. (See the iTunes or Play stores). (PhoneGap, Java, GeoSpatial searching).  We’re working on improvements to the iOS variant (better iPhone 5 support), and monitoring the feedback for each.
  2. Integrated an existing LAMP application with Investec – allowing the user’s to submit lease / funding proposals (SOAP, XML. PHP5)
  3. Busy refactoring an online shop (to improve the mobile experience and enhance administration) (PHP5, MySQL)
  4. Updates to the ScoresOnTheDoors website (improve performance, improve business feedback processing, improve data quality, improve the search experience)
  5. Refactoring various applications to support PHP 5.4 which we’ve now moved to internally.
  6. Migrated two Linux servers (either updating to Debian Squeeze, or to new hardware – for example for the Norton Owners Club )
  7. Deployed some performance improvements/enhancements for WordPress based sites we support which use Varnish (E.g. The cache-hit ratio is now about 90-95% – which is greatly helping responsiveness and server load. (WordPress, Varnish, Linux, MySQL)

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