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Responsive WordPress theming for

Our new, responsive theme for has gone live (caution: the site is probably not “safe for work”).

Benefits –

  1. Much better layout on mobile devices (e.g. smart phones) which account for 40% of traffic
  2. Better navigation support for mobile users (who can’t use normal hover-over menus due to the touch screen UI)
  3. Better advert selection for mobile devices – which should increase revenue – i.e. for narrow screens, a narrow advert is used.
  4. Faster load times due to a more asynchronous page load nature – page views should increase as end users have to wait less (i.e reduce drop out rate)
  5. Reduced server load (fewer, more cache friendly, components)

If you open the site in a desktop browser window, you should notice the layout changing if you resize the browser from e.g. full screen to a narrow window.

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