Linux and PHP web application support and development (Bromsgrove, UK)

Mobile Application Development

We’ve developed a number of business oriented mobile applications for iPhone (iOS) and Android platforms. These tend to involve real time or near real time integration with a backend system – to (for instance) talk to an existing back office environment or API.

We write mobile apps either natively (for iOS and Android) or using a cross platform toolkit like PhoneGap. Given a choice, we’ll favour the native approach as it gives the best user experience.

We’ve developed apps which use the following functionality –

  • Augmented Reality — we’ve utilised augmented reality with overlaid text, allowing the user to point their phone at a premise and see the appropriate food hygiene rating.
  • Shopping cart support — with the Paypal API allowing the user to purchase products via the application.
  • Network detection – to change how an application behaves if there is no wifi/cellular coverage.
  • GPS Detection – if no location information can be found, change the application’s behaviour.
  • Background service support — handling push notifications, queuing jobs and updates to be sent to a central server, or just sounding an alarm when a set time has passed.
  • Push notification support — allowing the user (or application) to be notified remotely without the requirement for the application to poll a server.
  • Integrated alarm/alert notifications — to notify the user when a predefined event has occurred.
  • Geo-location — eg. “find my nearest…”
  • Social Media Integration — allowing the user to link data on the application into their social network (facebook/twitter…).
  • Feedback Reporting — helping users provide feedback to the appropriate app store.
  • Utilising back-end (remote) APIs like REST — for data retrieval.
  • Local data storage — using the devices local data store to aid performance and structured data retrieval.
  • In-App billing – allowing a free app to be distributed with an add-on which offers additional functionality for a small subscription.

Examples of apps we’ve written are available here

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