Linux and PHP web application support and development (Bromsgrove, UK)

This week at Pale Purple … (July 2012)

We’ve been fairly busy this week, so I thought I’d try and summarise what’s been happening in Pale Purple towers this week. So, we’ve:

  • Submitted one mobile app to Apple (PhoneGap)
  • Created a proof of concept marketing mobile app (PhoneGap) for iPad/tablets
  • Finished one native commercial Android app (Java/web services)
  • Alex (new IY placement) has started writing a Kashflow Android app (Java/SOAP)
  • Finished the first round of development (now in testing) on an eCommerce site (PHP/Zend Framework)
  • Integrated WordPress into an existing travel site
  • Been busy preparing for a demo next month with a government department
  • Persuaded one customer to allow us to reboot a Linux server with a 617 day uptime.
  • Bought two more Nexus7 tablets after the first one went down quite well….
We’re hoping things may quieten down a little one day.

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