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PHP UK Conference 2012

On Friday and Saturday, last week, the annual  London PHP conference took place.

We were there on Friday – and I saw the talks on :

  • “The Journey towards Continuous Integration” (which has prompted me to upgrade our internal Jenkins based CI infrastructure and introduce Sonar for long term statistics capture)
  • “Security Audits as an Integral part of PHP application development” (the presenter unfortunately wasn’t aware of any tools which could be easily integrated with a build environment like Jenkins, so the only approach seems to still be manual review or penetration testing on deliverables).
  • “Profiling PHP Applications” (which was good, but could have been improved if the presenter had a “real” application to demo with which had performance problems).
  • “Try { getting people to come to a talk about exceptions}” – which was an interesting look on exception and error reporting within software.

The conference was (as with previous years) well attended and contained a number of useful nuggets of information which made attending worthwhile.

As with previous years, videos of all the talks should be online – so catch-up should be possible.

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